A Kitchen Garden 

No ingredients taste better than those just picked.  So, in 2004 we commissioned a kitchen garden within the Griffin's grounds, which achieved organic status after the usual waiting period. We grew peas, artichokes, squashes, beans, cucumbers and everything else you can imagine, as well as planting fruit trees and bushes.

After running the kitchen garden ourselves for 19 years, in Autumn 2023 we decided it was better to allow the ground to be run by someone who really knows how to operate a commercial garden and handed it over to Marie Pope of Alfie Dan's Market Garden.

We'll still be able to source fresh produce every day from just 50 steps from the kitchen, but we now know there is every incentive for that to be the best produce. 

And our guests will be able to take home produce from a little stall that Marie plans to run several days a week from the back gate.



Group Bookings

There are few better spots than the Aga Room or the Tack Room for fun get-togethers with friends.   

The Tack Room has an open fire, and in ordinary times is ideal for groups of between 8 and 12.  

The Aga Room can comfortably fit up to 18, and with french doors out to the garden is ideal for a supper party with pre-dinner drinks on the lawn.

Special Diets & Access

We've long recognised that providing options that are not meat or fish is a great challenge for our kitchen team.  We can also cater for coeliacs and those on lactose free diets.  

Our dining room can easily accept wheelchairs.  We recommend parking in the residents' car park and using that entrance. 
In any case, we will always ask you when you book, whether by phone, online or email, to let us know of any special requirements .  

Service Charges

Generally, we try and move with (or before) the times.  And it’s become clear that a suggested service charge is now becoming widespread.

So we now add a 12.5% discretionary service charge to all our dining guests’ bills.  Any money received as service charge or cash left on the table goes to the same place: our teams.


We welcome children all year round and at both lunch and supper, in both the bar and the library.

We have a short children's menu with food of similar quality to that on our usual menu.  We also have small organic pots for very small children. 

If you're staying and would like your younger children to eat earlier, then we can provide high tea in the bar at any time.

“After such fine fare and cosy, welcoming surroundings, we could barely bring ourselves to get in the car and leave.” Cardiff Life iescape SRA IWC Best Places To Work
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The Felin Fach Griffin, Felin Fach
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